Vroman's Gives Back FAQ

Am I going to get stuff in the mail if I give you my information?
No. You can choose to receive our bi-monthly email newsletter by adding your email address, but we will NEVER give your information to anyone else, not even the mailing list of your VGB organization. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Do I have to pay more to be part of VGB?
No. The portion of your purchases that is donated to your VGB organization comes from Vroman's proceeds. It is at no additional cost to you.

Does this give me any discount at Vroman's?
No, sorry! If we discounted the purchase we couldn't afford to donate to the community.

Can I still get my normal discount (teacher, non-profit) if I sign up for VGB?
Of course. Joining VGB has no effect on what we charge you, and discounted items still get counted when it comes to what we donate to our VGB organizations.

How will you know that I have signed up for VGB when I come in?
Our cashiers will ask you at every purchase if you are a member of Vroman's Gives Back. All you have to do is tell them yes, and tell them your name...we take it from there. There's no card to carry.
If they don't ask, please let them know that you are a member before starting your transaction! They should ask every time, but you never know.

If I want to support a charity that's not on your list, what can I do?
The number of organizations on our list is currently fixed, so you would have to find another way to give to a charity not on our list. If you would like a certain program to be considered should we expand the program, have that group send an information packet to us care of Vroman's Gives Back, and we will keep it on file.

If I want to donate more money to my organization, can I do that through you?
I'm sure the organization will appreciate your donation, but you'll have to send it to them directly. We can provide you with their address.

Can I support a different organization with each purchase?
Unfortunately, the way our system works, you must select one organization only.

Will the donation be given in my name?
We have so many members of VGB, it would be impossible to list each member & their contribution.

How soon after each purchase does the percentage get donated?
Vroman's gives the organizations checks once every year.

Can I not join VGB so that Vroman's will get my money?
We would still love to have your information so that we can keep you informed of upcoming events & changes at Vroman's. Please fill out the form and indicate that you'd like the percentage to stay with us. Thanks for your support.

Can I use Vroman's Gives Back when I buy a book online?
No. Unfortunately, we don't have the capability to credit a VGB account for an online purchase. Sorry.