The Vroman's wish list feature on our website is great for birthdays, school libraries, wedding registries, and baby showers.
Or you can use it to keep track of books that you have always wanted to read! 

An "Add to Wish List" button now appears alongside the "Add to Cart" button on product pages and book listings on our website.
When you are logged into your online Vroman's account, you can use this new button to add any book to your wish list.

Click here to log in or click here to create a new account.
To create a new wish list:
Select the "Add to Wish List" button on a product page or book listing and you will be prompted to select a wish list/create a new wish list.
OR go to "My Account" → "Wish List" → "Create New Wish List"

You can email your wish list to friends and family, along with a custom message about your list.
The wish list supports product quantities - useful for schools or charitable organizations which might want more than one of each item on a list.
When another user makes a purchase for you online from your wish list, your list is updated.
The item is marked as "Fulfilled" on the list, and the add to cart button is removed.
You can search for a friend's wish list by their email address. Click here to find it.

A Few Things To Note:
* You will not be notified when something is purchased from your list, but you can always check the list from your personal wish list page.
* Your list will not be updated when items are purchased in-store from your list
* Books being held from your wish list are held under the purchasers name. Purchasers should alert the list owner when a pickup is ready.

Manage your wish list from your personal account page on our website - Click here to access it.